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This means that it’s actually are concerned—the scan for new items in folders only occurs when i Tunes is first opened, so you’ll actually need to restart i Tunes in order to scan for and pick up any changes.The good news is that you need to restart i Tunes in this case, and not the Apple TV itself.If the software unexpectedly quits, i Photo may on subsequent launches appear to stop responding during the upgrade process.Customers are advised to let the process continue until the upgrade progress bar is displayed.In extremely rare cases, if you do not follow the recommendations below during the upgrade process, you may experience data loss.This article outlines the various events that may occur during the library upgrade process and offers advice on how to avoid data loss.

If so, use i Cloud Photo Library.) If you can't find your My Photo Stream images in the Photos app, follow these steps on each of your devices: Your device keeps up to 1,000 photos, even if they're older than 30 days.

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If i have a large folder of pics (1000 or more) and I add new pics, restart itunes to let i rescan, then view on apple tv I have to use the remote sot scan all the way down to the bottom of the list to see my new pics. why or why can’t apple allow me to sort these pics newest to oldest withing itunes or apple tv.

It would be soo helpful and would make perfect sense.

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