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Historical sources mention the so-called Tanukh alliance between these tribal leaders in which they swore to reside in Tylos and defend one another in case of attack.The alliance successfully liberated Tylos from the oppressive rule of the Jarha’ites, sending Tylos into its final throes and the dawn of the kingdom of Awal.The use of Dilmun seals became more commonplace and widely used in the region from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia and Iran.During this period, many temples were discovered in Bahrain, in addition to the thousands burial mounds that dominate the landscape today.

The Kassites assigned a governor to Bahrain and developed what would become known as the “City III” built at the site of Qalat al Bahrain around the 15th century BC.

This period and its distinctive material culture is attested in the archaeological record in City VI at Qal’at al Bahrain The Late Dilmun period corresponds to the development of the Iron Age in Bahrain, a particularly active and wealthy phase all over the Arabian Gulf.

If not directy controlled by the Mesopotamian power, Bahrain is heavily influenced by the material culture and burial customs of Babylonia, notably at Qal’at al-Bahrain site ‘City IV’.

Strong links also exist at this period with the contemporaneous Iron Age culture of the Oman Peninsula, as witnessed by the presence in the Bahrain graves of imported pottery, stone vessels and seals from this area.

The growing fortune of the islands of Bahrain could not have escaped the interest of Alexander the Great. These architectural remains represent one of the rare excavated urban agglomerations from this period.

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Seemingly, the Greek conqueror had planned to conquer Arabia on his return from India. The Hellenistic period in Bahrain is above all known through the numerous necropoles discovered across the island. The excavation revealed generally simple domestic buildings.

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