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Now available in a head, the AC30 Custom is a great addition to any amp collection!The AC15 Custom Twin adds a second 12” Celestion G12M Greenback speaker to the mix, thus enhancing the full, chimey sound of the traditional AC15 Custom.VOX’s coveted Custom Series amplifiers are synonymous with remarkable guitar tone.Beginning with the birth of British rock ‘n’ roll, the distinguished, all-tube sound and signature chime of VOX amplifiers has inspired the most memorable moments in music history.Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones played a Vox Mark VI that was specially-designed for him.

Vox guitars are visually unique; this is one company that, unlike most others at the time, didn't just make copies of what was already popular (although their initial guitars were Fender copies), Vox soon gave their guitars a new, defining shape.

Unfortunatley I don't know a huge amount about these amplifiers.

This is one of a handful of clips where they can be seen:

Here we go then, with my brief Shadows/Vox history...

First of all two tone "TV Front" AC15s (most likely the Circuit Two version) were used.

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v=Ca3CPo IE-04 Then the lads obtained some slightly different AC15s; still a "TV Front" version but not two tone.

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