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A crossdresser was recently beaten pretty badly by two guys there. The management is clueless and the owner treats customers like crap. * New comments added February, 2008: “I went there on Fridays and weekends in the summer when I was passing through town. I am thirty-four years old and every time I was the youngest guy.” * New comments added June, 2008: “Stopped in this place on a Friday night about 10 pm. * New comments added July, 2008: “As much as I want this place to be hot, the last three times I went I was the youngest person there (I’m forty-eight years old). It was great to watch.” * New comments added September, 2008: “Beware of the thugs that have begun to hang out here especially in the theatre area. * New comments added September, 2008: “I went there with the wife recently and had a great time. * New comments added April, 2008: “I took a few loads in my ass the other night. * New comments added November, 2007: “Beware of the late night crowd in the theater. * New comments added January, 2008: “The place is very hit-or-miss. A very nice guy invited us into one of the booths and proceeded to give her [describes sex]. It’s located directly across from the entrance to Du Pont, near the Texaco and the library. Take Vawter almost to the end and the park entrance is on the right hand side.

Old Mill Park, on Caroline Street under the Route 1 bridge. From US Route 1, turn onto Princess Anne Street then turn left onto Forbes Street.

To get there, go down Van Dorn Street towards Washington and turn right onto Taney Avenue.

Keep going until you see a big tree on the left with a couple benches to sit on.

* New comments added July, 2008: “Visited there recently with the wife; boy did she ever get lucky. Go across the bridge and there is a little park on the right side with a covered picnic table there.

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