Im dating a stripper

Like any risk, sometimes the leap of faith you take rewards you and other times it comes back to bite you in the a**. Love, Miss J When I read the opening three sentences of this question, I just knew I was going to be in for a good surprise.

I was waiting for you to say that you caught him stripping at a private party and all hell broke loose!

she was bright, funny, so full of life that she was bursting at the seams. I remember one very attractive woman years ago — she was such a pleasant person at the bar — but she was determined to engage any man within reach. Maybe the attention made her feel good about herself . Back at Johnny D’s, the young woman in the white blouse was even more relaxed and I watched her continue. Through raw instinct or cunning calculation she kept each of them leaning toward her.

It will however, invade his privacy and cause unnecessary issues.” For a second I thought she must be someone I should know, possibly a customer from years back that I couldn’t place now. On closer look, I knew I wouldn’t have forgotten her. When I finished a waitstaff round, she was still looking at me so I went back. She was like a hostess at a party after an important guest leaves, now determined that those remaining don’t get the same idea.With such a pretty face, her auburn hair fell over one shoulder. Maybe she didn’t feel like sitting alone — bartenders are usually good for quick companionship, easy conversation. They seemed surprised that this young woman in her mid-twenties had come on to them. Lots of people end up meeting, but we’re known more as a music club. I once dated a dancer over a summer break during my college years.I’m not here to defend or provide a cop-out for those participating in such conversations; I’m only here to recommend using caution when engaging on your social media accounts.With all that said, our social media accounts are OUR accounts and asking another for their password to “do a little snooping” is out of line.

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