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Instead, be specific by explaining, “I’d love to see you this weekend, but a friend of mine going through a rough time so I’m going to hang out with her” or “A work project is killing me and I’ll feel better if I hunker down and finish it so I can relax the next time we’re together.” If your date presses the issue, put his or her fears to rest by framing your time apart as a way to keep your relationship healthy for the long run.

You're so comfortable that you have cute pet names for each other. You aren't planning the future but you are also not discussing the past. The real middle, not the one you jump into after a week of dating. When we skip building the foundation of a relationship, we build it on shaky ground.If, on the other hand, you’re on the receiving end of an early “I love you,” don’t feel obliged to say it back if you’re not feeling it yet.But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the overture or, worse yet, give your sweetie a lecture about how he or she couldn’t possibly feel that way so soon.After all, your feelings could be due to the fact that you two just shared a really romantic evening together or (let’s be honest) had incredible sex.There’s also the risk that the feelings might not be mutual yet.

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Bottom line is, any long-term relationship needs your input, good If you think things are rushing along too quickly, you owe it to the relationship to say so.

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