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Dazed, she had agreed to Hubbard's order to go to work, fake the stomach flu and return home with him.She was huddled over the toilet when her manager, Shea Duymovic, pushed her way into the stall and sat on the floor.She remembers thinking one simple thought: Overwhelmed, she began to sob. "I knew Alex's situation was getting really bad," Duymovic recalls.She had seen the bruises on Briggs' arms and noticed that she'd begun wearing glasses and heavy foundation; once bubbly, Briggs now spent most breaks tethered to her cell phone.By that morning, she was barely a whisper of herself.

Katerina: My father never gave me reasons for his abuse other than it was all my fault. "Look at me," Duymovic said, her face next to Briggs'. And I can't stand to see this happen anymore."A moment passed. That day wasn't the first time Duymovic, then 33, had worried about her employee.When Briggs finally turned, she saw her boss's eyes filled with tears. She'd weathered a violent relationship herself, swept into it young, as Briggs had been.And the day that Hubbard was sentenced to 10 years in prison and the details of Briggs' abuse went on record, Duymovic was there, cheering her on.As Briggs says today, "Shea was my angel."Duymovic in the United States by someone they're involved with.

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