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In 2006, Cheryl Miller, in the CSU Department of Animal Sciences, compiled a book of old Fort Collins and CSU post cards as well as text from old newspapers.

A friend of mine, Jennifer Mayan Kaylor, loaned me her copy.

It was a model one and has every convenience for handling hogs.

The animals can be loaded, unloaded and weighed without any handling. This building in 1902 was said by some to be too fine a structure to keep swine in, but the up-to-date farmer does not agree.

Position: Forward One member of the basketball-playing Miller family has a home in the Hall of Fame, and it isn't fast-talking Reggie; older sister Cheryl Miller beat him to the punch when she was inducted in 1995.

Cheryl was the first woman to dunk in organized play, a four-time college All-American and three-time national Player of the Year, and a member of the 1984 gold medal-winning Olympic team.

As a lover of narratives and patterns, she connected the dots and realized that the historic buildings around Ann Arbor told stories about the beginnings of that city, reflected changing values and beliefs over time, and continued to inform and affect the present day culture and ethos of the community.Buildings have been, and continue to be, an important lens through which Meg views the history and culture of the cities in which she’s lived.As she writes about Fort Collins, whether about an ad in an old newspaper or a Fort Collins family that’s lived here for several generations, expect to see patterns among the stories that seek to define and describe the character and culture of Fort Collins as it was, as it is, and perhaps to even shed light on what it will eventually grow to be.In 1986, she became the first woman to be nominated for the Sullivan Award, given to the nation's top amateur athlete.She scored 3,018 points at USC and had her jersey number retired, a first for any basketball player, male or female, at the school.

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